What is AFT? The Attractor Field Techniques

AFT: The Attractor Field Techniques was developed by R.K. Ebert, PhD.

Dr. Ebert is a licensed neuropsychologist, and has offices in Philadelphia, Bala Cynwyd. Dr. Ebert is the former Director of Clinical Neuropsychological Services, Department of Neurology, Temple University Hospital; former Director of Research, Division of Family Study, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania; former Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology in Neurology, Thomas Jefferson Medical School. Visit The Tree of Life Foundation www.the-tree-of-life.com

In 2005 I received my AFT Practitioner Certification after studying with Dr. Ebert.

AFT is an energetic and spiritual approach that can be used to work with:

  • Physical Illness
  • Pain Disorders
  • Emotional Problems
  • Spiritual Development and Self-Actualization

AFT is a new way of using the ancient Chinese discovery of the meridian energy system. There is nothing else like it. It is extraordinarily effective and it is simple to use. Acupuncture Meridians can be stimulated in many ways, AFT uses tapping.

Where to Tap:

The chart below shows the meridian locations used in AFT and the number of Taps required for each location. Tap the number of times specified as exactly as you can.

Tapping locations are specific meridian points, shown on the chart below. Until you become familiar with the tapping locations we suggest that you keep the chart available while you are tapping. Most points are tapped 60 times except BH (back of the hand, 225 taps), LL (lower lip, 15 taps) and UN (under nose, 15 taps). You can tap on either side of the body interchangeably and obtain the same results.

For example, the AFT Tapping Formula for Anxiety is:

SL, UE, TH, LF, C (Tap 60 times on each location)

SL = Side of Larynx

UE - Under Eye

TH = Thumb

LF = Little Finger

C = Chest

What are Attractor Fields and how do I stop making them?

Attractor fields are nonphysical energy fields generated by each individual's attitudes, beliefs and ongoing thought stream. These energy fields interact not only with your body, but further with the energy fields and bodies of others as well. It is as a result of these energy fields that you view the world the way that you do, and those fields are why you have the attitudes and reactions toward life that you do.

Attractor fields are self-perpetuating. They limit the range of thoughts and perspectives that you have of, on, and about the world. Thoughts themselves are a form of nonphysical energy and have true power in and of themselves.This is why prayer has healing power.

No matter how fleeting, each thought adds to the energy balance of your background energy pattern, your Level of Consciousness. Disease of all forms is a result of our patterns of thinking and habitual response to events and people in the world. You cannot avoid creating attractor fields, they are the result of the process of thinking. You can only help by shifting your thought pattern away from negative thoughts.

Dr.Hawkins' research indicates that energy fields, including attractor fields, are "impersonal". They influence all living things the same way: loving thoughts are life promoting and negative thoughts are life impairing. The energy field of enlightened teachers elevates the energy level of those around them. This is the source of their charisma. Everyone who came in contact with Mother Teresa was impacted by the energy associated with her compassionate thoughts and perspective, or context, toward life.

Since energy fields are impersonal, and "rub off" on us, association with individuals, thoughts, activities and behaviors associated with negative energy will lower our Level of Consciousness and have a destructive impact on our lives.

By way of analogy, our consciousness is like a pile of iron filings subjected to the influence of a myriad of magnets, each having its own particular impersonal influence on how, and in which direction, the filings are pulled. Each magnet that is removed or added will have its incremental impact on the final shape assumed by the pile: the overall influence is the sum total of the individual magnetic fields involved. So too, the sum total of your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and actions results in the You that you are at the moment.

Our choices are important and influence our destiny: we have a choice in which "magnets" we allow into our lives. The AFT formulas will help in shifting our context; however, it is ultimately the application of our free will that maintains an elevated level of consciousness, and frees us from the entrainment of lower energy fields.

The Creator gave us free will. We must use it wisely lest we create that which we do not want. If you want the world to be a beautiful place, first make your mind a beautiful place.

The above article contains extracts from the "AFT Frequently Asked Questions" document by R.K. Ebert, PhD, Developer of AFT: Attractor Field Techniques, which is available to download below.