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A beautiful student in my last workshop said "Why doesn't everyone know this?" Thank You Gail

The Quantum Leaps program includes:

  • An introduction to AFT, Attractor Field Techniques and why we need to elevate our consciousness.
  • The AFT Stress Test to discover your highest "stress channels" and the AFT formulas to change the channels.
  • How to use AFT for supreme self-care, self empowerment and to elevate your consciousness

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Let's get ready to THRIVE! in this New Era!

The Quantum Leaps program is designed to show you how to use AFT: The Attractor Field Techniques to elevate your consciousness and your life to THRIVE! in this New Era.

This is a momentous time to be alive on Planet Earth, thank you for being here.

It's time to uplift, heal and prosper as we build a new era of love, peace and joyous living.