New Skills for a New Era

Life is calling us to be who we were born to be, to bring our dreams to Life, to act on our highest inspirations. To grow, develop, evolve and share the gifts that we were born to contribute to humanity.

Luminous Living is enlightened living, authentic empowerment, self-actualization and
true Self expression, let your light shine and Be Luminous.

We are passionately committed to personal and planetary transformation;
when we change, we change the world.

Our Vision is a world that works for all to THRIVE!

Our Mission is To Inspire and Empower You to Bring Your Dreams to Life!

The Art of Luminous Living is A Practical Path to Enlightenment

Discover your courage, inner strength and authentic empowerment to awaken, express your true Self and Be luminous. We are birthing new humanity, arriving from the inside-out.

Our programs include:

  • A Practical Path to Enlightenment & Self-Realization
  • How to unload the emotional baggage you may have picked up on your journey through life
  • How to transform your limiting beliefs
  • How to elevate your consciousness
  • How to reduce your stress
  • Soul medicine for self care
  • Self-empowerment
  • Energy psychology
  • Epigenetics
  • Youthful aging
  • Meridian tapping

Also, Digital Strategy, Mentoring and Economic Empowerment with the fundamentals to launch your first website and online business.

The founder of the Luminous Living Academy is Linda Oliver, a Pioneering Consciousness Coach, Sacred Activist and Soul Medicine Specialist. Lin is passionately committed to personal and planetary transformation; when we change, we change the


“In 1998 I began a personal quest to find an answer to this question:

If love IS the answer, why is there so much suffering?

At that time two people I love very much were suffering, in excruciating pain but located in two different countries, Canada and England, and I desperately wanted to help them both but felt helpless. After many years of “connecting-the-dots” I published my book, The Universe is a Dream Machine, launched the Luminous Living Academy to share solutions to transform your life and our world.

Yes! Love IS the answer, our world is truly universal love made visible. We do not yet fully understand the world we have been born into, the end of suffering starts with understanding. We are the ones making the choice for love or annihilation, and everything in between with our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes… it’s our consciousness, think of it as our human operating system. Every loving thought is a transforming influence on earth and life enhancing, every negative thought is life depleting.

I believe we are here to awaken to the possibilities for personal development; to grow, develop, evolve and in the process share the unique genius, gifts, skills and talents we have been given to make our world better place. What makes You come alive? Share that. If every person has the opportunity to bring their dreams to life, we could transform our world.

All of my life I have been aware of Weltschmerz or world-pain so it was no surprise that when I began my training to become an AFT Practitioner in 2005 I discovered that my highest channel of stress was Grief. The ability to “disconnect” from the Attractor Field of Grief and experience the larger body of work of AFT has transformed my life. Since then I have been on a mission to share AFT with the world.” Linda Oliver

Linda also has a passion for technology with a broad range of technical skills and more than twenty years’ experience as an IT professional in a variety of roles including; web manager, digital strategist and marketing technologist, systems administrator, database administrator, help desk analyst, software trainer and IT project manager.

Linda has created LiNNXX Solutions a Digital Agency designed to serve the needs of New Entrepreneurs. Services include Digital Strategy, Branding, Your First Website, Marketing,and Mindset Coaching to empower You to have more success with less stress. LiNNXX was founded on the principle of building a better world, a world that works for all to THRIVE!

The new economy requires fewer employees and more entrepreneurs, we need a new mindset and new tools for empowerment and transformation to shift from Employee to Entrepreneur. In the 21st Century we have the opportunity to create a life we love to live and I believe it will become the “new normal” to bring your dreams to life. What would it take to bring your dreams to life? The dreams given to you by Life as your highest inspiration.

We are the architects of our future and have the opportunity to design a life we love to live as we build a new era of love, peace and joyous living. The Universe is expanding in us, as us, through us, when we are willing to say “Yes!” to The Universe. The Universe is driven by potential and I believe each person has a unique gift to share, the world is waiting for You. Are You ready?

My Vision: A world where everyone has the opportunity to bring their dreams to life and THRIVE!

Consciousness: Think of your body as a communication device, clothing for your consciousness.

Our world is consciousness made visible. Despite what you see, everything is energy, quantum physicists are paving the way to understand the primacy of consciousness.